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The cable lock was developed to make locking up your gear, no matter where you are, work, home or camping, easy and is the cheapest insurance policy around. The 7.5m cable is made from extra strong 3.2mm 304 stainless steel cable. The cable is ‘7 x 7’, which means it is made from 7 cables, which are made from 7 smaller cables giving it amazing strength for its diameter and cannot be cut using normal pliers or snips. Wire cable is hard to manage and store, so a plastic case was developed which allows the cable to be easily wound up inside. A big benefit of the case is that you only need to take out as muchcable as you require, leaving the remainder neatly tucked away. The single length of cable has a padlock on one end, with two keys included, and a shank on the other. When the shank is locked in the cable it forms an unbreakable loop that can be between 30cms and 7.5m in diameter giving youthe flexibility to use it in a multitude of situations. Makes your equipment lookless attractive than the one

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