Safari SV Camper Trailer

Safari Sv

The most compact camper trailer in our range, the Safari Sv is built to go anywhere. A small trailer on the outside that keeps on giving. The Safari Sv offers a remarkable 2200 litres of organised storage space coupled with a low centre of gravity and impressive departure angles. The perfect companion for a quick weekend away or switch backing through Australia’s most adventurous roads for months on end.


There is a lot to love about the feature packed Safari Sv, with its gourmet aluminium kitchen with the latest stainless appliances & modern conveniences, 60litre fridge freezer, luxurious queen size mattress, onboard power systems and plenty of room for the whole family, this is the perfect camper trailer to explore Australia and start building memories.


Although the Safari Sv is known for its compact size, it still features a full queens size mattress that sits high up on the trailer catching the breeze. Beneath the bed, a large slide out kitchen and pantry pulls out the back of the trailer providing a great living area and enough room to entertain the whole campsite. The front of the trailer is designed with storage in mind with an extended drawbar to mount racks on and large aluminium toolbox for storing additional camping gear.


The Safari Sv offers unsurpassed storage for all your camping needs. Offering 2200 litres of organised, internal storage separated into practical compartments for food, kitchen, bedding, clothes and camping gear. Every compartment is accessible without having to set up the tent adding to the ease of a quick weekend getaway. Add the ability to carry bikes, kayaks, boats, outboards and much more with its impressive ability to carry more than its own weight in camping gear and supplies, without compromising space or set up time you have the perfect adventure camper.


Taking pride of place in the main living area of the camper, our meticulously designed Trackabout kitchen ticks all the boxes. Easy to use, plenty of bench space & storage and the perfect finish. A layout based on our customers’ needs makes cooking & entertaining at your favourite campsite a breeze. Featuring a 60litre Evakool fridge freezer with Danfoss compressor, Smev stainless steel appliances, plumbed water & gas lines and an integrated waste pipe takes any hard work out of setting up.

12v system

The Safari Sv comes with 2 x 120 AGM batteries to keep the fridge cold and the campsite well lit. With additional outlets over the trailer you can run secondary fridges, camp lighting or keep the batteries topped up on all your toys.


To make sure you can see every corner of Australia, we partnered with the two best off-road suspension manufactures in Australia. We offer the Alko 9 leaf Outback leaf suspension on the Safari Sv as standard with the option to upgrade to the Vehicle Components Cruisemaster set up for added ground clearance.


Running an interlocked, hot dipped galvanised chassis that creates strength without added weight, the hand sealed body of the Safari Sv is fixed in place using a series of body mounts. The body is powder coated then all the leading edges are fitted with stainless steel stone protection.

Recovery points are welded onto the chassis spreading the load evenly throughout the trailer and underbody protection as standard protects vital plumbing and electrical lines. Each camper fit out is carefully monitored and controlled ensuring the powder coat finish is not disturbed after being applied. Every door is then fitted with Australian made automotive pinch weld seals stopping and dust & water ingress.


The Safari Sv is interchangeable with both our Basecamp and Touring Series tents, which are stitched by our team of qualified craftsmen and women using Australian made Wax Converters canvas. We eliminate the use of additional poles and spreader bars by pairing modern R&D with over two decades of experience. We cut our tents in a way that allows water to run off to certain sections stopping water pooling and the need to add spreader bars and ropes. This means more time sitting back with the family enjoying the holiday. Plenty of ventilation, reinforced zips and mesh screens as well as stainless steel hardware on the tents ensure many happy adventures.


Our Safari Sv has everything you need bundled into one compact package, with a long list of standard inclusions ready for your next adventure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. We have an extensive list of features that can be added to your dream camper trailer. From hot water & ducted heating systems to wheel and tyre upgrades to match your car. The build your own camper concept is where practicality meet luxury and convenience.

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Simply start with a base model and add on extras you require!