Unveiling the Touring Tent by Trackabout

Have you ever thought about heading away for a relaxing Friday/Saturday night to your favourite local camp spot, all to have the idea shut down by the time & effort it takes to setup & pack up? Or possibly you’re more the touring type packing up & on the move every day?

Features of the Touring Tent

We set ourselves a very stringent criteria when designing our brand new Touring tent, the “must have” features included;

  • Complete overnight setup including awning in under 3 minutes
  • Awning to remain on at all times
  • Awning to have an integrated pole system (no need to run back & forth fetching poles)
  • Ability to fit a tropical roof
  • Comfortable living space for 2 adults & 2 children

We noticed recently the trend in manufacturers downsizing their trailers & tents to enable quicker setups. Whilst it is sometimes convenient to have a smaller size trailer/tent this often results in also scaling back on the things that are important. Who wants to lose out on mattress size, boat or kayak storage, room for firewood & in most cases tent size? We have created and patented a tent & awning assembly with complete setup times to rival most hard floor campers.

Our new Touring Tent option makes for the ideal overnighter but is just as perfect as an around Oz tourer both on & off road. The design of our new tent means you can pull over after a long day on the road & setup within minutes. Got the weather against you or found somewhere you’d like to stay longer? Well simply zip on a wall or two to act as a windbreak/privacy screen or all the walls to turn your Touring tent back into a fully enclosed area with a water proof floor, no internal spreader bars either… & yes walls are available for the awning area too.

This new tent is an available upgrade on our entire range, simply select the “touring tent” feature in the tent section when building your own trailer online. Upgrade pricing starting at $1500.

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Simply start with a base model and add on extras you require!